SOFIA Cycle 2 Time Allocation Committee results online

31. Oktober 2013 / Benjamin Greiner

The results of the SOFIA Observing Cycle 2 Call for Proposals process are now available

The Time Allocation Committee for the German SOFIA Cycle 2 has met on September 17/18 at the DSI in Stuttgart to evaluate and rank submitted proposals for observations by scientific merit.

The schedule for announcing Cycle 2 results has been impacted by the recent US Government shutdown. Results are available now and all proposers have been informed in person about the evaluation of their proposal.

German SOFIA Cycle 2 Time Allocation Results

CfP image_smallObserving Cycle 2 will take place in the time period February – December 2014. For Cycle 2, these instruments will be available for observations:

  • The near-infrared camera FLITECAM [1]
  • The mid-infrared camera FORCAST [2]
  • The heterodyne spectrometer GREAT [3]
  • The high-speed optical photometer HIPO [4]

The combination of HIPO/FLITECAM will also be available. In addition, the mid-infrared high resolution spectrometer EXES [5] and the integral field spectrometer FIFI-LS [6] will be commissioned during Cycle 2. FIFI-LS will be available for a limited amount of General Investigator observing in conjunction with instrument commissioning. 20% of the available research hours, i.e., about 42 hours in Cycle 2 were allocated through DSI.

Questions about the SOFIA General Investigator program can be directed to:

[1]First Light Infrared Test Experiment CAMera
[2] Faint Object infraRed CAmera for the SOFIA Telescope
[3] German REceiver for Astronomy at Terahertz frequencies
[6] Field Imaging Far Infrared Line Spectrometer

SOFIA Observing Cycle 2 US Time Allocation Committee Results

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