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SOFIA Science Demonstration German Call for Proposals - Results

The DSI is pleased to announce the results of the review of the proposals submitted in response to the German Call for Proposals for SOFIA Science Demonstration Time.

Members of the Review Panel

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Grewing, Chair (Tübingen)
  • Prof. Dr. Ed Churchwell (Madison, WI)
  • Prof. Dr. Alain Omont (IAP, Paris)
  • Dr. Ulli Käufl (ESO, Garching)
  • Dr. Thomas Stanke (ESO, Garching)
  • Prof. Dr. Malcolm Walmsley (Arcetri Obs., Florence)

Highest Ranked Proposals

Of the 22 proposals submitted, 18 requested observing time with GREAT and 4 requested observing time with FORCAST.

The following table lists the 8 successful proposals with the highest ranking. Every effort will be made to schedule these proposals for execution. The last column of the table provides an estimate of the effective observing time (including a realistic overhead of 100% for GREAT and 50% for FORCAST) granted to the proposals. The observing times listed are preliminary and subject to some change. The effective overhead will be finalized during the scheduling process.

PI Institution Title Instrument Minutes
Eislöffel Thüringer Landessternwarte The physics and kinematics of the warm CO gas in a protostellar outflow GREAT 180
Engels Hamburger Sternwarte Search for the 1.296 THz water maser line in late-type stars GREAT 180
Krause MPIA, Heidelberg Tomographic imaging of infrared echoes around Cas A – SOFIA’s unique view of the three-dimensional ISM structure FORCAST 45
Müller MPE, Garching Beyond the snow-line: Thermophysical characterisation of two Hilda-asteroids FORCAST 150
Parise MPIfR, Bonn Searching for p-H2D+ GREAT 90
Parise MPIfR, Bonn Searching for OD: clues for water formation and the link with comets GREAT 150
Requena Torres MPIfR, Bonn CO line SED in galactic nuclei: the center of our Galaxy GREAT 180
Wyrowski MPIfR, Bonn Ammonia as a probe of infall in high-mass star forming clumps GREAT 180

The abstracts for these highest ranked proposals are provided in a PDF document.

Second highest ranked proposals

The following table lists proposals in the group of the second highest ranking. Given the complexity of efficient flight planning and the limited observing time it is expected that only several but not all of these proposals will be scheduled. The observing times listed are preliminary and subject to some change. The effective overhead will be finalized during the scheduling process.

The abstracts of actually scheduled proposals will be provided in due time. 

PI Institution Title Instrument Minutes
Beuther MPIA, Heidelberg The Carbon Budget and Formation Signatures of Molecular Clouds GREAT 90
Burgdorf DSI, Stuttgart A Search for Hydrogen Halides in Giant Planets GREAT 30
Chapillon MPIfR, Bonn First detection of CII in a protoplanetary disk GREAT 90
Comito MPIfR, Bonn Tracking down deuterium fractionation in the envelope of Sgr B2 GREAT 90
Gusdorf MPIfR, Bonn OH GREAT ! Observing OH in bipolar outflows associated to intermediate- and high-mass forming stars with GREAT GREAT 300
Jakob DSI, Stuttgart Observing the massive star forming region and molecular cloud Onsala-1 with GREAT GREAT 60
Menten MPIfR, Bonn OH in High-Mass Star Forming Regions Revisited GREAT 150
Ossenkopf Uni Köln Triggering of star-formation in Cep B traced by [CII] GREAT 150


Phase 2 Procedure

Both groups of proposals above are eligible to enter Phase 2 of the proposal procedure. For Phase 2, the PIs of these proposals will be contacted by the SMO staff. Deadline for Phase 2 for FORCAST proposals is April 29, for GREAT proposals May 13. Please refer to the Call for Proposal Document for more details.

Note that all selected proposals during Science Demonstration Time are subject to shared risk. 

Thank you very much for your interest in SOFIA observations.

Dr. Hans Zinnecker
SOFIA SMO Deputy Director & Selection Official