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Funding for Gemany Based Science Demonstration Investigators

For the Science Demonstration flights, limited travel funds are available for representatives of the selected proposals. Subject to final approval by the DSI Director, travel grants will be made available to those selected proposals, which convincingly explain the need for the physical presence of a representative during the observations in their rationale.

The funds are limited to one travel grant per proposal and will only be granted if a seat is available onboard the SOFIA aircraft. In case of conflicts due to the limited number of seats available or if several proposals have been scheduled for a single flight, the DSI Directors decision with concurrence from the SMO deputy director takes precedence.

Each of these grants is intended to cover the cost for a one week trip to Palmdale, CA on an economy class flight and is limited to 2200 € (Air fare 900 €, hotel 700 €, rental car 300 €, subsistence 300 €). Details about the procedure will be provided on this website in due time.

No funds, however, are available for preparing or submitting observing proposals or for data reduction or evaluation.