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SOFIA Cycle 7 German TAC Results

TAC results of SOFIA German Cycle 7 proposals

The German SOFIA Cycle 7 Open Time call (deadline September 8, 2018) attracted 33 proposals for an initial total offer of 70 observing hours. The Cycle 7 TAC members met on October 16 and 17 at Reston in the USA and evaluated the proposals. In summary, the TAC recommended 4 proposals as WILL DO (Category I), 5 proposals as SHOULD DO (Category II), and 14 proposals as DO IF TIME AVAILABLE (Category III). After a reevaluation of the available science hours with improved accounting for observatory overheads, and reconciliation with the US TAC results, there were a total of 45.2 h assigned to the high priority schedule (Category I and II), and 62.1 h assigned to the lower priority (Category III).

The committee had the following members:

Function Name Institution
Chair Hans Zinnecker Universidad Autonoma de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile
DSI, Germany
Reviewer John H. Black Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Reviewer Suzanne Madden CEA-Saclay, France
Reviewer Johannes Gunter Staguhn Johns Hopkins University, USA
Reviewer Charles Telesco  University of Florida, USA
Reviewer Bruce Wilking University of Missouri, USA
Reviewer Thomas L. Wilson MPIfR Bonn, Germany
Reviewer Sebastian Wolf Universitaet zu Kiel, Germany


The following proposals were awarded observing time:

Category I: WILL DO proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
07_0036 Caselli Paola MPE OD and the origin of water in protostellar cores  GREAT 4.0
07_0162 Menten Karl MPIfR The Nature of the Crab Nebula’s Argonium Emission  GREAT 4.5
07_0129 Soler Juan Diego MPIA Magnetic fields at the onset of high-mass star formation  HAWC_PLUS 3.6
07_0148 Jacob Arshia M MPIfR The methylidene radical and its isotopologues  GREAT 7.5

Category II: SHOULD DO proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
07_0197 Alves Felipe MPE Mapping Magnetic Field Orientation in Infrared Dark Clouds  HAWC_PLUS 1.3
07_0132 Graf Urs Uni Köln Disentangling the line-of-sight structure of NGC 2024  GREAT 5.8
07_0026 Heese Stefan Uni Kiel Filaments - on the origins of depolarization  HAWC_PLUS 2.6
07_0217 Latzko Serina T. DSI Characterisation of M82’s Bipolar Outflow and its Origin  FIFI-LS 9.6
07_0069 Sperling Thomas Tautenburg Probing the hidden atomic gas in Class I jets  FIFI-LS 6.2


Category III: DO IF TIME AVAILABLE proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
07_0157 Kazmierczak-Barthel Maja DSI Embedded nebula Gy 3-7 - tracing feedback from protostars on cluster scales  FIFI-LS 4.3
07_0117 Smirnova-Pinchukova Irina MPIA What causes [CII] line excess in AGN host galaxies?  FIFI-LS 1.4
07_0219 Rengel Miriam MPS Investigating the composition of Titan's stratosphere with SOFIA: time variability & intriguing unidentified signatures  FIFI-LS 4.5
07_0124 Caselli Paola MPE Searching for interstellar phosphine in star-forming regions  GREAT 7.1
07_0136 Koenig Carsten MPIfR [CII] in the Low-Metallicity Environment of the Outer Galaxy  GREAT 5.0
07_0133 Clarke Seamus Uni Köln [CII] as a tracer of pre-shock and post-shock gas in a supernova remnant  GREAT 3.4
07_0138 Aladro Rebeca MPIfR Atomic and molecular gas in NGC 4945: Relative abundances, distribution and kinematics in the galaxy.  GREAT 3.4
07_0199 Simon Robert Uni Köln Origin of a Large Arc-like Structure at the Far Side of the X1 Cusped Orbit  GREAT 1.6
07_0173 Buchbender Christof Uni Köln Tracing the evolution of the interstellar medium and star formation across the spiral arms of M51 with [NII]  GREAT 3.2
07_0193 Husemann Bernd MPIA The recent star formation history of luminous AGN host galaxies  HAWC_PLUS 8.3
07_0066 Santos Fabio P. MPIA A tomography of the magnetic field structure in IRDC G14.2: massive filaments from large to small scales  HAWC_PLUS 3.0
07_0068 Kabanovic Slawa Uni Köln Optically Thick [CII] Emission from Orion A  GREAT 9.6
07_0163 Kerp Juergen Uni Bonn CII emission in Intermediate velocity clouds  GREAT 4.5
07_0109 Vos Joris Uni Potsdam Searching for dust around hot subdwarf binaries  HAWC_PLUS 2.7

Thank you very much for your continued interest in SOFIA observations.

Dr. Bernhard Schulz
SOFIA SMO Deputy Director &
German SOFIA proposals selection official