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SOFIA Cycle 7 German TAC Results

TAC results of SOFIA German Cycle 6 proposals

The German SOFIA Cycle 6 Open Time call (deadline July 1, 2017) attracted 27 proposals for a total of 75 observing hours available (oversubscription factor 1.8). The Cycle 6 TAC members met on Sept 12 and 13 at DSI in Stuttgart and evaluated the proposals. In summary, the TAC recommended 4 proposals as WILL DO (category I), 13 proposals as SHOULD DO (category II), and 7 proposals as DO IF TIME AVAILABLE (category III).

The committee had the following members:

Function Name Institution
Chair Hans Zinnecker Universidad Autonoma de Chile, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Reviewer Philippe Andre CEA-Saclay France
Reviewer Henrik Beuther MPIA Heidelberg, Germany
Reviewer Patrice Bouchet CEA-Saclay, France
Reviewer Jochen Eisloeffel Tautenburg Observatory, Germany
Reviewer Javier Goicoechea CSIC, Madrid, Spain
Reviewer Liugi Spinoglio INAF, Rome, Italy
Reviewer Sebastian Wolf Univ. Kiel, Germany


The following proposals were awarded observing time:

Category I: WILL DO proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
06_0182 Bringfried Stecklum Tautenburg Monitoring the SED variability caused by the accretion burst from S255IR-NIRS3 FORCAST FIFI-LS 1.62
06_0129 Timea Csengeri MPIfR Do strong magnetic fields dictate the formation of the highest mass stars? HAWC+


06_0157 Rolf Gusten MPIfR Dense Neutral Gas in the Galaxy's Central Molecular Zone: The Sgr C Region GREAT 12.5
06_0220 Juergen Wolf DSI Stellar Occultations by Trans-Neptunian Objects and Centaurs FPI+ 2.81

Category II: SHOULD DO proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
06_0152 Juan Diego Soler MPIA The magnetic field structure in the Musca filament at 0.01 pc scale HAWC+ 1.8
06_0076 Stefan Heese Uni Kiel Bok globules in the infrared: Are polarization holes caused by optical depth? HAWC+ 1.4
06_0179 Paola Caselli MPE OD and the origin of water in protostellar cores GREAT 2
06_0146 Stefanie Walch Uni Köln [CII] line emission as an indicator for dynamical molecular cloud formation in Taurus} GREAT 3.78
06_0151 Carsten König MPIfR [CII] in the Low-Metallicity Environment of the Outer Galaxy GREAT 4
06_0153 Nicola Schneider Uni Köln CII emission in high-latitude clouds GREAT 1.84
06_0171 Michael Rugel MPIA [CII] and OH gas in different galactic environments GREAT 3.8
06_0086 Elena Redaelli MPE Polarimetry in B228 HAWC+ 1.1
06_0203 Friedrich Wyrowski MPIfR The atomic to molecular transition in high-mass star-forming regions GREAT 2.7
06_0235 Anna Parikka Uni Köln Formation of brown dwarfs due to photo erosion GREAT 2.41
06_0216 Claudia Comito Uni Köln Far-infrared determination of the oxygen gradient across the Galaxy GREAT 3.43
06_0045 Jochen Eisloeffel Tautenburg Probing jets from young embedded sources FIFI-LS 3.05
06_0073 Paola Caselli MPE Joint Impact Program: The Timescale of Star Formation from para-H2D+ - II. Colder and Lower Luminosity Sources GREAT 41


Category III: DO IF TIME AVAILABLE proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
06_0233 Helmut Wiesemeyer MPIfR Oxygen production and transport in the Enceladus gas torus GREAT 3
06_0164 Juergen Kerp Uni Bonn Feeding the Milky Way Galaxy by cold gas accretion? GREAT 3.62
06_0087 Felipe Alves MPE THz polarization from cores at distinct evolutionary stages HAWC+ 1.7
06_0206 Robert Simon Uni Köln Origin of a Large Arc-like Structure at the Far Side of the X1 Cusped Orbit GREAT 1.71
06_0079 Cristian Guevara Uni Köln [CII] M17SW and X-rays emission GREAT 2.93
06_0147 Maitraiyee Tiwari MPIfR Unveiling the remarkable Photodissociation region of M8 GREAT 3.49
06_0101 Timea Csengeri MPIfR Constraining the oxygen budget in the diffuse and dense gas towards the Galactic mini-starburst; W51 Main GREAT 3.37

1The Joint Impact Program was evaluated by the US and DE TACs separately and got awarded a total of 4h (US+DE time) in category II.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in SOFIA observations.

Dr. Holger Jakob
SOFIA SMO Deputy Director (acting) &
German SOFIA proposals selection official