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SOFIA Cycle 5 German TAC Results

TAC results of SOFIA German Cycle 5 proposals

The German SOFIA Cycle 5 open time call (deadline July 8, 2016) attracted 27 proposals for a total of 75 observing hours available (oversubscription factor 3.0). The Cycle 5 TAC member met on Sept 1 and 2 at DSI in Stuttgart and evaluated the proposals. In summary, the TAC recommended 6 proposals as MUST DO (category A), 12 proposals as SHOULD DO (category B, 6 in the B+ and 6 in the B- subcategory), and 3 proposals as DO IF TIME (category C). It is worth mentioning that the TAC judged the overall quality of the SOFIA Cycle 5 proposals to be very high.

The committee had the following members:

Function Name Institution
Chair  Andreas Quirrenbach LSW Heidelberg
Reviewer Frank Bigiel Univ. Heidelberg
Reviewer Francois Boulanger  Univ. Paris-Sud 
Reviewer  Javier Goicoechea CSIC Madrid
Reviewer  Paul Hartogh MPI für Sonnensystemforschung, Göttingen
Reviewer Gerd Hensler Univ. Sternwarte Wien
Reviewer Michiel Hogerheijde Sterrewacht Leiden
Reviewer  Sebastian Wolf Univ. Kiel


The following proposals were awarded observing time:

Category A: MUST DO proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
05_0033 Rolf Guesten MPIfR Joint Impact Proposal: Mapping C+ Across the Galaxy's Central Molecular Zone GREAT 3
05_0212 Friedrich Wyrowski MPIfR Ammonia as a probe of infall in high-mass star forming clumps; Part III GREAT 5
05_0197 Silvia Leurini MPIfR Far-IR cooling in massive YSOs GREAT 6
05_0196 Silvia Leurini MPIfR The warm atomic and molecular gas in protostellar jets GREAT 3
05_0202 Bringfried Stecklum Tautenburg Tracing the heat wave of an accretion outburst from a high-mass young stellar object FORCAST / FIFI-LS 2 (1+1)
05_0206 Thushara Pillai MPIfR Magnetic Fields in Massive Filaments HAWC+ 6


Category B+: SHOULD DO proposals 

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
05_0198 Christof Buchbender Uni Köln Velocity resolved [CII] and [NII] observations in M33 GREAT 2
05_0209 Thomas Giesen Uni Kassel First Time Detection of C13CC and Study of 13CCC in Dense Star Forming Regions GREAT 3
05_0189 Robert Brauer Uni Kiel Bok globules in the far infrared: Constraining the origin of polarization holes HAWC+ 3
05_0205 Karl Menten MPIfR Systematic Studies of the Diffuse ISM with SOFIA Observations of CH at 2 THz GREAT 3
05_0208 Nicola Schneider Uni Köln The CII line in Draco as a tracer for CO-dark gas GREAT 2
05_0210 Rodrigo Herrera-Camus MPE The GREAT [CII] Account of the Low-Metallicity ISM in the SMC GREAT 5


Category B-: SHOULD DO proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
05_0201 Sarah Sadavoy MPIA Testing the Response of Dust Grains to Magnetic Fields in Perseus B1 HAWC+ 4
05_0192 Rodrigo Herrera-Camus MPE Joint Impact Program: Far-Infrared in the EDGE/CALIFA Sample of Galaxies HAWC+ / FIFI-LS 7 (2+5)
05_0200 Jochen Eisloeffel Tautenburg Probing the hidden atomic gas in Class I jets FIFI-LS 8
05_0190 Robert Simon Uni Köln Spatial and velocity variations of [CII] optical depth towards S106 IR GREAT 4
05_0207 Miwa Goto MPE The Deuteration Ladder of H3+ EXES 4
05_0060 Paola Caselli MPE OD and the origin of water in protostellar cores GREAT 3


Category C: DO IF TIME proposals

Number PI Institution Proposal Title Instrument Awarded Time [h]
05_0199 Felipe Alves MPE Magnetically-regulated fragmentation in B59 HAWC+ 2
05_0139 Paola Caselli MPE Joint Impact Program: The Timescale of Star Formation from para-H2D+ - II. Colder and Lower Luminosity Sources GREAT 1
05_0193 Cristian Guevara Uni Köln M17SW [OI] 63 um self-absorption and optical depth effects GREAT 4


Thank you very much for your continued interest in SOFIA observations.

Dr. Hans Zinnecker
SOFIA SMO deputy director & German SOFIA proposals selection official