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SOFIA Cycle 4 German TAC Results

TAC results of SOFIA German Cycle 4 proposals

The SOFIA German Cycle 4 call for proposals (deadline July 10, 2015) generated 30 proposals. The SOFIA Time Allocation Committee (TAC) met at DSI/Univ. Stuttgart on September 1 and 2 to evaluate and rank the proposals by scientific merit.

The committee had the following members:

Chair Quirrenbach, Andreas LSW Heidelberg
Reviewer Boehnhardt, Hermann MPS, Goettingen
Reviewer Cesaroni, Riccardo Arcetri, Florence
Reviewer Glover, Simon ITA, Heidelberg
Reviewer Kramer, Carsten IRAM 30m, Granada
Reviewer Lis, Darek LERMA, Obs. de Paris
Reviewer Schneider, Nicola Obs. Bordeaux
Reviewer van der Tak, Floris SRON, Groningen
Reviewer Testi, Leonardo ESO/ALMA


The proposals were ranked in 5 categories:

  • 5. Must do
  • 4. Should do
  • 3. Do if time
  • 2. Filler
  • 1. Don't do

Below we present tables for categories 5 (Must do), 4 (Should do) and 3 (Do if time). The entries per table are sorted alphabetically by PI name and do not represent a ranking within the category.

Category 5: Must do proposals

PIInstitutionProposal TitleInstrumentTime Awarded [hrs]
Jochen Eisloeffel Tautenburg Studying the disk of the outbursting new FU Orionis object 2MASSJ0659 FIFI-LS / FORCAST 1.5
Silvia Leurini MPIfR Far-IR cooling in massive YSOs GREAT 6.0
Juergen Stutzki Uni Köln Joint Impact Proposal: A complete velocity resolved 3-D [CII] map of the M51 grand-design spiral galaxy: Unraveling the impact of spiral density waves on the evolution of the ISM and star formation. (*) FIFI-LS / GREAT 10.0
Helmut Wiesemeyer MPIfR Radiative torques and atomic alignment of FIR fine structure lines - a tool to trace magnetic field structure with the [OI] ground state transition? GREAT 2.5
Juergen Wolf DSI Stellar Occultations by Trans-Neptunian Objects and Centaurs FPI+ 2.5
Friedrich Wyrowski MPIfR Ammonia as a probe of infall in high-mass star forming clumps, Part III GREAT 3.5

(*) This joint impact proposal was strongly endorsed by the U.S. selection process.

Category 4: Should do proposals

PIInstitutionProposal TitleInstrumentTime Awarded [hrs]
Frank Bigiel Uni Heidelberg Calibrating CII as a SFR Tracer Across the Entire Disk of the Star-forming Galaxy NGC 6946 FIFI-LS 5.3
Jochen Eisloeffel Tautenburg Catching the next bright outbursting FU Orionis object on the rise FIFI-LS / FORCAST 2.0
Miwa Goto MPE The Deuteration Ladder of H3+ EXES 2.1
Cristian Guevara Uni Köln [C II] 158 um optical depth and self-absorption GREAT 8.0
Klaus Huber Uni Hamburg Joint Impact Proposal: Exoplanets with SOFIA - long-term monitoring of stellar activity effects on multi-transit observations of the benchmark system HD 189733 b (**) FLITECAM / HIPO 0.0
Alberto Sanna MPIfR Investigating the atomic jet component in a O-type YSO FIFI-LS 1.0
Peter Scicluna Uni Kiel Origin of the IR excess of massive stars HAWC+ 10.0

(**) As this joint impact proposal was declined in the U.S. selection process, by the rules it is automatically declined in the German selection process.

Category 3: Do if time proposals

PIInstitutionProposal TitleInstrumentTime Awarded [hrs]
Henrik Beuther MPIA Outflow energetics and accretion rates in high-mass star formation FIFI-LS 2.0
Thomas Giesen Uni Kassel Detection of 13CCC and C13CC in dense star forming regions GREAT 6.0
Maria Kapala MPIA Spectrally Resolved [CII] Emission in M31: The Origin of [CII] from Metal-Rich Star-Forming Galaxies GREAT 4.0
Thomas Preibisch Uni München Molecular excitation of a strongly irradiated pillar in the Carina Nebula GREAT 2.0
Miriam Rengel MPS Investigating the composition of Titan's stratosphere with SOFIA: time variability & intriguing unidentified signatures FIFI-LS 4.0
Denise Riquelme MPIfR High velocity gas at the edge of the Central Molecular Zone of the Galactic Center GREAT 2.0
Thushara Pillai MPIfR Magnetic Fields in Massive Filaments HAWC+ 6.0


Thank you very much for your continued interest in SOFIA observations.

Dr. Hans Zinnecker
SOFIA SMO deputy director & German SOFIA proposals selection official