February 6, 2012

SOFIA Community Day

3rd German SOFIA Workshop 2012
The 3rd German SOFIA workshop takes place at the Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie in Bonn.

6. – 7. February 2012

The 3rd German SOFIA workshop (the one labeled as "First German SOFIA Workshop" was actually the second German workshop for SOFIA) will be held in February at the Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie in Bonn.

Quasi-final program


Monday, Feb 6

12.00 MPIfR welcome K.Menten
12.05 SOFIA status and Cycle 1 CfP A. Krabbe
      SOFIA proposal submission and technical evaluation, TAC  
12.50 Questions  
13.00 Lunch (in MPIfR cantine)  
  SOFIA Cycle 1 Instruments  
14.00     FORCAST, FLITECAM and HIPO E. Becklin
14.30     GREAT THz spectrometer R. Guesten
15.00     GREAT observing modes J. Stutzki
15.15 Discussion  
      Open issues (e.g. calibration)  
15.30 Coffee Break  
16.00 Early/Basic Science highlights  
      FORCAST (20min) E. Becklin
16:20     Pluto occultation B. Reach
16:35     GREAT (4x10min)  
       a) SOFIA observations of S106: Dynamics of the warm gas R. Simon
       b) The ionized and hot gas in M17SW J. Perez-Beaupuits
       c) Detection of OD towards the low-mass protostar IRAS
F. Du (B. Parise)
       d) Ammonia as a probe of infall in high-mass star forming
F. Wyrowski
17.15 Herschel highlights  
      a) planetary atmospheres P. Hartogh
      b) astrochemistry V. Ossenkopf
      c) massive star formation H. Beuther
17.45 Open discussion and questions  
18.00 Adjourn  
19.30 Dinner at Em Höttche (downtown)  

Tuesday, Feb 7


Some unique SOFIA science cases

H. Zinnecker


New proposal ideas (exoplanet transits)

D. Angerhausen, S. Czesla


Flight Planning, Visibility Tool (incl. southern sky)

R. Klein


    GREAT data reduction

H. Wiesemeyer





Coffee Break



More GREAT science highlights


a) [12CII] and [13CII] 158 µm emission from NGC 2024

U. Graf


b) Globules and pillars seen in the [CII] 158 µm line with SOFIA

N. Schneider


SOFIA data processing and archive

B. Reach


Operations (flight preparations etc.)

T. Keilig


Demo: Dummy proposal submission

R. Klein


Lunch (in MPIfR cantine)



JSPP II, data rights, GI funding

W. Reach


The potential of Cycle 2 (additional 1st gen. instruments: HAWC, EXES and FIFI-LS)

E. Becklin, A.Krabbe


Board structure: SSPC, GSSWG, SUG

A. Himmes


Open discussion and questions




 K. Menten


End of meeting



Hotel reservations should be made by yourself. Mozart Hotel and Hotel Villa Esplanade in Bonn (near Hbf) have been block reserved by MPIfR. Please mention "SOFIA" (Stichwort).

Participation is free of charge, i.e., there is no registration fee.

List of confirmed participants:*

  1. Andree, Silke (Uni Köln)
  2. Angerhausen, Daniel (Uni Hamburg)
  3. Becklin, Eric (USRA, Palmdale, USA)
  4. Belloche, Arnaud (MPIfR, Bonn)
  5. Bertoldi, Frank (Uni Bonn)
  6. Beuther, Hendrik (MPIA Heidelberg)
  7. Bomans, Dominik (Uni Bochum)
  8. Brünken, Sandra  (Uni Köln)
  9. Caratti, Alessio (MPIfR, Bonn)
  10. Chambers, Ed (Uni Köln)
  11. Chen, Rosie (MPIfR, Bonn)
  12. Csengeri, Timea (MPIfR, Bonn)
  13. Czesla, Stefan (Uni Hamburg)
  14. Dettmar, Ralf-Jürgen (Uni Bochum)
  15. Eislöffel, Jochen (LSW Tautenburg)
  16. Garcia-Lopez, Rebeca (MPIfR, Bonn)
  17. Gomez-Ruiz, Arturo (MPIfR, Bonn)
  18. Goto, Miwa (Uni-Sternwarte München)
  19. Graf, Urs (Uni Köln)
  20. Grewing, Michael (Uni Tübingen)
  21. Guan, Xin (Uni Köln)
  22. Güsten, Rolf (MPIfR, Bonn)
  23. Hartogh, Paul (MPS, Katlenburg)
  24. Henkel, Christian (MPIfR, Bonn)
  25. Heyminck, Stefan (MPIfR, Bonn)
  26. Higgin, Ronan (Uni Köln)
  27. Himmes, Alois (DLR, Bonn)
  28. Huebers, Hans Wilhelm (DLR Adlershof)
  29. Husemann, Bernd (AIP, Potsdam)
  30. Jacobs, Karl (Uni Köln)
  31. Junkes, Norbert (MPIfR, Bonn)
  32. Keilig, Thomas (DSI, Stuttgart)
  33. Klein, Randolf (USRA, USA)
  34. Köhler, Rainer (LSW Heidelberg)
  35. Krabbe, Alfred (DSI, Stuttgart)
  36. Kroupa, Pavel (Uni Bonn)
  37. Liu, Fang-Chun (MPIfR, Bonn)
  38. Mehlert, Dörte (DSI Stuttgart)
  39. Menten, Karl (MPIfR, Bonn)
  40. Okada, Yoko (Uni Köln)
  41. Ossenkopf, Volker (Uni Köln)
  42. Parmentier,Genevieve (Uni Bonn)
  43. Perez-Beaupuits, Juan-Pablo (MPIfR, Bonn)
  44. Quirrenbach, Andreas  (LSW Heidelberg)
  45. Ragan, Sarah (MPIA Heidelberg)
  46. Ratzka, Thorsten (Uni-Sternwarte München)
  47. Reach, Bill (USRA, Ames, USA)
  48. Requena-Torres, Miguel (MPIfR, Bonn)
  49. Ricken, Oliver (MPIfR, Bonn)
  50. Robitaille, Thomas (MPIA Heidelberg)
  51. Röllig, Markus (Uni Köln)
  52. Röser, Hans Peter (IRS, Stuttgart)
  53. Sandstrom, Karin (MPIA, Heidelberg)
  54. Schlemmer, Stephan   (Uni Köln)
  55. Schreyer, Katharina (Uni Jena)
  56. Schneider, Nicola (Saclay, Bordeaux, Farnkreich)
  57. Scorza, Cecilia (DSI/MPIA)
  58. Simon, Robert  (Uni Köln)
  59. Stecklum, Bringfried (LSW Tautenburg)
  60. Stolte, Andrea (Uni Bonn)
  61. Stute, Matthias (Uni Tuebingen)
  62. Stutzki, Jürgen (Uni Köln)
  63. Thorwirth, Sven (Uni Köln)
  64. Uritski, Anna (Uni Bonn)
  65. Weiß, Kerstin (Uni Bochum)
  66. Wiesemeyer, Helmut (MPIfR, Bonn)
  67. Wyputta, Ulrike (MPIfR, Bonn)
  68. Wyrowski, Friedrich (MPIfR, Bonn)
  69. Zamaninasab, Mohammad (MPIfR, Bonn)
  70. Zinnecker, Hans (DSI, Ames, USA)
  71. Zoltan, Makai (Uni Köln)
Max Planck Institut für Radioastronomie

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