Splinter meeting of the AG2011, September 20, 2011

"SOFIA - Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy"

SOC: Alfred Krabbe (), Cecilia Scorza, Hans Zinnecker

Preliminary Program

14:00 30 min E. Young USRA Overview and Status of SOFIA
14:30 35 min R. Güsten MPIfR GREAT: Overview and first Science
15:05 15 min A. Krabbe DSI SOFIA: Proposals and Procedures
15:20 15 min R. Klein USRA SOFIA Observing and Flight Planning
15:35 20 min Coffee break
15:55 15 min J.P. Perez-Beaupuits MPiFR The very extended and clumpy C+ emission in M17SW


20 min J. Eislöffel Tautenburg Warm CO gas in protostellar outflows
16:30 20 min E. Becklin UCLA, USRA Luminosity Sources in the Orion Molecular Cloud (OMC1)
16:50 20 min J. Wolf DSI Pluto Occultation and the Fast Diagnostic Camera
17:10 20 min A. Gusdorf MPIfR OH in young stellar objects of intermediate- and high-mass
17:30 15 min M. Requena Torres MPIfR High-J CO lines in the CND using SOFIA/GREAT
17:45 15 min A.Krabbe DSI FIFI-LS: A German first generation SOFIA instrument